The Different Types of Stock

Have you ever heard of a blue chip stock? or have you wondered what a Class A stock is or what a preferred stock is? The stock market has a lot of different types of stock that you can buy and sell, some of those include: Common Stock, Preferred Stock, Blue Chip Stocks, Income Stocks, […]

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Stock Indexes

Im sure by now, for whatever length you have been interested in the stock market that you have heard at some point in time something along the lines of, “the S&P 500 fell 75 points today” or “the Dow has risen 20% today” or you have some questions like “whats the difference in the stock […]

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The OTC Market and Foreign Exchange

OTC Market   The next 2 exchanges are the OTC Markets and the Foreign Exchange markets. The OTC stands for over-the-counter and typically trade unlisted stock which just means that its stocks that are not traded on the regular exchanges such as The NYSE or The NASDAQ. OTC is different from other major exchanges, there […]

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The next exchange you have is the NASDAQ. The NASDAQ which launched in 1971, was the first of its kind and it completely changed the way markets traded stocks, also improved the speed and accuracy of trades. *The NASDAQ is the fastest growing stock exchange in the United States The NASDAQ opened the very first […]

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